Diablo 3's Crusader is heading to Heroes of the Storm


Blizzard has nonchalantly revealed a new Heroes of the Storm character, in a video detailing the new stuff heading to its multi-franchise MOBA. We already knew that Warcraft baddie Kael'thas was coming to HOTS, but he'll soon be joined by Diablo 3's female Crusader, known here as Johanna. Both characters will be given a couple of alternate skins, including 'Stormpunk Kael'thas' and 'Centurion Johanna'. They'll be accompanied in the Nexus by Mad Martian Gazlowe and the colourful Bikini Stitches, along with various, mostly Hearthstone-related card mounts.

Here's the aforementioned video, and the full list o' stuff:

  • Kael’thas
  • Master Kael'thas
  • StormPunk Kael’thas
  • Johanna
  • Master Johanna
  • Centurion Johanna
  • Super Sonya
  • Mad Martian Gazlowe
  • Bikini Stitches
  • Golden Tiger Mount
  • Hearthstone Card Mount
  • Illidan’s Nightmare Mount
  • Billie the Kid Mount

From the YouTube description: "While these Skins and Mounts are not yet available in our in-game shop, they’ll be invading the Nexus soon."

Ta, PCGamesN.

Tom Sykes

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