Diablo 3 build videos: PC Gamer's Demon Hunter and Barbarian

Diablo 3 demon hunter

Thanks to the rune system, each Diablo 3 class has access to an impressive array of different builds. Some are great at clearing mobs, some can be custom designed to blast Diablo 3's bosses straight back to hell, others are less effective, but more fun to use. We're making some videos of a few of our favourite builds and strategies in Diablo 3. Today we're showcasing Chris Thursten's arcane archer Demon Hunter, and my speed freak Barbarian.

Demon Hunter - arcane archer


  • LMB - Entangling Shot (Heavy Burden/Justice is Served)

  • RMB - Elemental Arrow (Frost Arrow)

  • 1 - Shadow Power (Blood Moon)

  • 2 - Smoke Screen (Breathe Deep)

  • 3 - Mark for Death (Valley of Death)

  • 4 - Rain of Vengeance (Dark Cloud)


  • Archery

  • Cull the Weak

  • Steady Aim/Sharpshooter

Barbarian - Speed Freak


  • LMB - Bash (Onslaught)

  • RMB - Seismic Slam (Rumble)

  • 1- Leap (Iron Impact)

  • 2 - Revenge (Vengeance is Mine)

  • 3 - Furious Charge (Merciless assault)

  • 4 - Wrath of the Berserker (Insanity)


  • Weapons Master

  • Ruthless

  • Tough as Nails

The great freedom of Diablo 3's skill system is that it lets you keep experimenting as you progress through the difficulty tiers. I've since hit Hell, which has necessitated a few changes for the Barbarian. Now I use the Bloodthirst passive to give me a percentage of all damage done back as life. I've swapped out Leap for Ignore Pain with the Ignorance is Bliss rune for tougher zones. That gives me 20% of all damage dealt as life gain as well, that way I can keep up the zig zag of death, and keep healing myself as I go. It still sucks against bosses, but that's another build for another day.

What classes are you playing, and what Diablo 3 builds would you recommend?

Tom Senior

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