Diablo 3 archangel Malthael is coming to Heroes of the Storm

Blizzard has revealed that the next Hero to join the Heroes of the Storm Nexus will be Diablo 3 villain Mathael, once the Aspect of Wisdom, who abandoned Heaven to become the Aspect of Death when the Worldstone was destroyed. 

Mathael's Hero trait, Reaper's Mark, causes any non-structure target hit by his basic attacks to be "marked" for four seconds, during which time they will be revealed and suffer 2.5 percent of their maximum health in damage. Reaper's Mark is also tied to his three primary abilities: Soul Rip inflicts 100 damage on nearby marked enemies, healing Mathael in the process; Wraith Strike teleports Malthael through a marked enemy, dealing 59 damage and refreshing the Mark; and Death Shroud, "a wave of dark mist" that applies the Reaper's Mark to every enemy it hits. 

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For his Heroic abilities, Mathael has Tormented Souls, which grants him 20 armor and unleashes waves of souls that continually apply Reaper's Mark to nearby enemies for four seconds, and Last Rites, "a death sentence" that deals damage equal to 50 percent of the target's missing health. Furthermore, each enemy killed while under the effects of Last Rites permanently reduces its cooldown by five seconds, to a minimum cooldown of 15 seconds. 

Blizzard didn't say when exactly Malthael will join the fight, but you can get a closer look at how he'll roll when he does at battle.net. He also makes an appearance in the newest HotS In Development video, along with Power Drench Tychus, Slip 'n Stream Tracer, Blood Raven Sylvanas, and a charming-looking fellow called Bikini Stitches.   

Andy Chalk

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