Devil Daggers adds top-down replays

Ultra fast-paced 90’s-style arena shooter Devil Daggers is easily one of this year’s best horror action games. Everything from its horrendous pixelated monsters, chilling soundtrack, and frantically-paced set-tos make it one of my all-time favourites, which is why I’m impressed with the additions brought by its latest update. The v3 update introduces Linux support, new enemies, a list of bug fixes and a pretty cool top-down replay feature. 

The latter is the pick of the bunch which load replays as normal, however also allows you to alternate between the generic first-person view and a new bird’s eye one which spans the entire knife-scattered hell-bound battlefield. 

The folks at Eurogamer captured the following footage which shows off the new replay workings in motion: 

Death in Devil Daggers frequently comes courtesy of being swarmed from behind so this addition, besides being pretty neat, has practical value too when analysing past performances. Perhaps we can expect to shave a millisecond or two from our top scores?