Devil Daggers: a gothic arcade FPS spooking up Steam Greenlight

Devil Daggers

It's an arena-y survival game rather than a Hexen-like, level-based exploratory shooter, but that disappointment aside, Devil Daggers looks like a right treat. You're the owner of a magic hand that fires energy at beautifully pixellated hellbeasts, in this upcoming arcade FPS made by one of Hitbox Team (they made Dustforce) and a few others. Here's why I'm excited (via RPS):

Devil Daggers is on Steam Greenlight here, and I wonder how many milliseconds until it gets the go-ahead. It's out later this year, and developer Sorath says it's a "fast-paced shooter that pits you against legions of demons as you struggle to survive as long as you can. Compete for precious seconds with friends or on global leaderboards".

Tom Sykes

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