Deus Ex: Human Revolution leak suspects sued by Square Enix

Deus Ex Human Revolution - Jensen, reclining with fag

Early preview code for Deus Ex: Human Revolution was leaked onto the web back in May. The preview offered a ten hour chunk of the game similar to the code we used to bring your our Deus Ex: Human Revolution previews .

Square Enix may have found those responsible for leaking the early code. Kotaku reports that the publisher has filed a lawsuit accusing fifteen Italian nationals of stealing and illegally distributing the preview.

Square Enix filed against the alleged offenders as part of court proceedings in Washington last month, claiming damages for copyright infringement "in excess of $5000" according to Patent Arcade . An unknown offender allegedly accessed the site where the preview code was being distributed using access details belonging to Italian gaming magaine, GMC.

Square Enix' complaint states that the person who accessed the preview build did so from an IP address not associated with GMC. Once the code had been downloaded, it was quickly made available as an illegal download on torrent sites. The case continues.

You don't have to download anything to get an overview of the first ten hours of Deus Ex: Human Revolution, you can just read our three Deus Ex diaries instead. Deus Ex: Human Revolution is set to be fully and legally released on August 23 in the US, and August 26 in Europe.

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