Deus Ex: Human Revolution has in-game advertising

Deus Ex Human Revolution In-Game Advertising

Our of Deus Ex: Human Revolution review is now online - it's awesome. But there's one aspect of it that'll change when the game launches this week (tomorrow in the US, Friday in Europe). Dotted around Human Revolution's city hubs are large billboards, which currently advertise the game's developer, Eidos Montreal. When it launches, these will be populated with ads for real-world products.

Eidos say they'll be filtering them to make sure they make sense for the game world, and these billboards are in bright, commercial, inner-city areas - I didn't see any where it didn't make sense for a billboard to be. In a previous build of the game they showed placeholder Coca-Cola and Subway ads, and I have to say I didn't notice them at all.

I think it's a dick move to milk more money out of gamers who've already paid full price, but I also think a new Deus Ex game, one actually worthy of the name, is too important to boycott.