Destiny on PC "a heavy point of discussion" at Activision

We all want Destiny on PC, right? If Bungie's sitting-down-to-look-at-skyboxes epic were to get a definitive PC announcement, I'd only have Bloodborne eyeing me seductively from the PS4 section on Amazon, the Master Chief Collection winking at me over on Xbox One Land, and most of Nintendo's E3 showings badgering me to get a Wii U. (Exclusives might be good for diversity, but they're a terror on the old wallet.) We can't do anything about those other ones, unfortunately, but the hope of Destiny on PC gets a little more real with a few inspiring words from Activision. Words like "obviously it makes a lot of sense" and "that's a heavy point of discussion", and basically "*winks*". See which sentences surround these words to give them context after the break.

Activision Publishing's CEO Erik Hershberg dropped the hope nuggets in an interview with Polygon , stating that it "is [a good fit], and it's something we're talking about and looking at very carefully, and obviously it makes a lot of sense with the genre and the type of game it is."

"Again, no announcements, but it's something that's a heavy point of discussion. And you asked how are we dealing with the complexity of developing for so many platforms, how about one more on top of that?"

"You know, developing on PC is a different animal than developing for consoles and so we just want to make sure that we're putting one foot in front of the other and getting it right, and that it's of the highest possible quality. But obviously I see the same things about the natural fit."

I'm reminded of how everyone knew that GTA5 was obviously coming to PC, because duh. (And now it is !) Bungie's Halo games might not have had a particularly good presence on PC over the years, but that's because they were published by Microsoft, who seem to regard PC gaming as the unwanted stepchild they keep in a cupboard under the stairs. Activision are much better in this regard - and let's not forget Bungie COO Pete Parsons saying that "we would absolutely love to be on PC".

So yeah. The Destiny series on PC is as likely as the sunrise as this point - but it's a sunrise that might be a little way off yet. (Thanks, Polygon )

Tom Sykes

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