Destiny 2's new PvP mode adds 'super charged supers' and makes every weapon lethal

(Image credit: Bungie)

Destiny 2's new Momentum Control PvP mode, which launches on Tuesday, will add instant respawns, increase all weapon damage and supercharge your supers, turning you into a "1,000-pound gorilla". Not literally, obviously, although that would really shake up the meta.

Momentum Control, announced earlier this month without details on how it would work, is a variant of the regular PvP Control mode, but with an emphasis on making every weapon viable. The damage boost will make "everything in your arsenal...a contender", Bungie said in a blog post, and you're encouraged to be as aggressive as possible.

Despite the focus on gunplay, supers have been souped up too. When you pop your super ability you'll gain extra damage resistance—but you'll also be more vulnerable to heavy weapons. Speaking of, heavy weapon ammo will respawn faster, and in greater quantities than normal.

Momentum Control will speed up zone captures and shed the radar tracker, which could create chances for sneaky plays. Abilities will require a fair amount of effort to charge, Bungie says, so make sure you play the objective.

You can read the full blog post here. Momentum Control launches Tuesday, October 29.

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Samuel Horti

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