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Destiny 2's 'Gambit Prime' armor sets will confer some pretty big bonuses

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One of the biggest things coming in Destiny 2's Season of the Drifter is Gambit Prime. The new mode is an upgraded verson of the PvP/PvE hybrid introduced in Forsaken that, in addition to being played over one round rather than three, will put a greater emphasis on specific roles: Reapers who clear waves of enemies, Invaders who attack opposing teams, Collectors who gather motes and send blockers, and Sentries who defend against opposing Invaders. 

Each class with get its own unique suit of swanky, iridescent armor that looks good and—this is the important bit—confers unique bonuses and abilities. Bungie generally doesn't do set bonuses for armor, and it's not clear whether the bonuses come one-per-piece, or if each additional piece boosts the overall effect. But wearing class-specific armor in Gambit Prime will definitely have an effect.


  • Weaken High Value Targets
  • Multi-kills generate special ammo
  • Increased mote duration
  • Powerful enemy kills recharge grenade


  • Multi kills increase damage against Taken
  • Bank gives health Regen
  • Mark Invaders for teammates
  • Buff allies in well of light


  • Drop motes on death
  • Motes collecting grant overshield
  • Gain ammo on mote deposit
  • Send 20 mote blocker


  • Gain ammo while invading
  • Improved overshield while invading
  • Damage bonus on guardian kills
  • Lock and drain motes while invading

Lots of good perks in there, but the most important? Probably the Collector's ability to drop motes when they're killed, instead of consigning to the wastefulness of the void because they couldn't be bothered to bank the things like a normal person when they had like 17 opportunities to do so but held onto them because they wanted to be hero and now we have to start all over again with nothing.

Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter gets underway on March 5, which as of today is tomorrow.   

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