Destiny 2: Warmind launch trailer teases new raid lair and first Exotic sword

The (hopefully) big Destiny 2 expansion Warmind is set to arrive tomorrow, and that means it's finally time to kick back and take in the loud, blast-o-rama spectacle of the launch trailer. We've already seen a lot of what's in here but there a glimpse of some new stuff too, including the new Spire of Stars raid lair and Worldline Zero, the first Exotic sword to appear in the sequel.

The long-lost Guardian Ana Bray is back to guide us through this trip into the past, driven by Golden Age warsats crashing into the surface of Mars. Melting glaciers have exposed the core of the ancient Warmind Rasputin, and also a horde of ice-caked Hive enemies bent on blowing it up, including their leader/god Xol—that would be Xol, Will of the Thousands, described in Destinypedia as "one of the five Worm Gods, ancient beings second only to the Darkness itself in the hierarchy of the Hive pantheon." So I'm guessing it's going to be a problem, too. 

The launch of Warmind will also see the start of Destiny 2 season 3, which will bring big changes to Exotics, the Prismatic Matrix, something new to get mad about in the Crucible, and more. It goes live at 11 am PT/2 pm ET on May 8.

Andy Chalk

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