Destiny 2: How to get the best The Title SMG rolls

the title smg
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Destiny 2's Guardian Games has returned for another year and aside from cheering for a long-overdue win for the Warlocks, there's a sweet SMG you can farm during the event. The Title, a void SMH, has two unique origin traits that drop with all rolls: Hakke Breach Armaments, which damages vehicles, barricades, turrets and Stasis Crystals, and Classy Contender, where final blows with this weapon grant class ability energy. Given how strong class abilities are with the current Void 3.0 kit, you're definitely going to want to snag a few of these. Before trying to farm The Title, you'll need to complete a task for Eva to get your hands on it, so let's get started.

Bungie has now resolved an issue that was stopping The Title from dropping after medallion turn ins, so that's what you need to do to get additional copies of the gun with random rolled perks. 

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How to get The Title SMG 

Head to the Tower and pick up the Best in Class quest from Eva Levante. This quest will introduce you to everything you need to know about the Guardian Games. You'll purchase a Contender Card from Eva, which allows you to earn Medallions, and are focused on things like Gambit and Crucible. After that, you need to gain 10 Laurels by killing enemies using abilities (ie grenades, charged melees, supers etc.) Note that Champions and bosses will drop Laurels regardless of how they're killed. You can get around 100 Laurels from completing the likes of Lost Sectors, so it shouldn't take you too long to farm them. 

After that, speak with Eva again who will give you your Medallion Case to track your progress, then deposit your Medallion at the podium. You can earn Medallions by completing more cards and from Season of the Risen Triumphs. Speak with Zavala afterwards to pick up the Medallion Battalion quest and complete games from the Guardian Games: Recreational and Training playlists. Once that's all done, return to Eva and The Title is yours.

Right now, after lighting a Bronze torch, you can't seem to open your reward. Again, a fix should come soon. You can also complete the Shoot to Score quest that gives you the Gold Contender's Boon, where defeating combatants with abilities gives you increased weapon damage and defeating them with weapons grants increased ability recharge speed. Just alternate how you're killing combatants to maximise your use of both. This empowerment stacks five times and while at max empowerment, you'll gain a boost to mobility, accuracy, handling and reload when defeating enemies.

As The Title fires Void ammo, it's perfectly matched to synergize with Void 3.0 aspects and fragments, with Volatile rounds being particularly juicy. 

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The Title SMG best rolls 

Alongside different rolls of The Title, there's also a Masterworked version with double perks in the third and fourth slot. The origin traits paired with its impressive range and handling already make The Title a dangerous foe in PvP matches, but there are several key perks to keep your eye out for when it drops. 

As for how to get your hands on different rolls, it appears to be tied in with how many Medallions you earn and deposit and how many torches you light. There are Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum torches with different rewards for each one, but so far it's unclear if you can only earn one The Title per week or if it'll drop from a specific torch.

You can see the full list of perks that can drop on The Title at For this kind of SMG, in PvE the combo of Stats for All and One for All gives you two buffs for the price of hitting three different enemies in quick succession. In PvP, look for something like Perpetual Motion, Dynamic Sway Reduction or Threat Detector paired with a damage perk like Vorpal Weapon or Swashbuckler. The Title should be a good replacement for  Multimach CCX, the Iron Banner 750 RPM which is no longer available. Hand in enough medallions, complete a blood sacrifice, and eventually you should get a god roll The Title to drop.  

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