All the recipes and ingredients in Destiny 2's The Dawning 2021

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Now that the holiday season has returned, you've got some Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 recipes to make. If you've joined in on the festivities before you'll have a good idea of what to expect: Once again everyone's favourite space grandma, Eva Levante, returns to a festively-redesigned Tower to receive your gastronomic goodies.

While Christmas in Destiny 2 isn't all that different this year, there are plenty of new activities to try and loot to claim. As part of Bungie's 30th anniversary celebrations, the Destiny 2 Gjallarhorn is finally in our hands again, along with a nostalgic surprise, the Halo CE-inspired Forerunner exotic. Then there's the new Grasp of Avarice dungeon, which offers the chance of an Eyasluna drop.

But as I said, only first-timers will need much of a primer on how The Dawning works, since there are only a couple of new recipes and one new ingredient from last time. Anyway, since you probably don't remember all of these same Destiny 2 The Dawning recipes from 12 whole months ago, here's a refresher.

When does Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 start and end?

The Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 start date is December 14, 2021. The Tower will enjoy its festive makeover as part of the weekly reset on the same day.

You've got until January 4, 2021 to get all your baking done: The Dawning will end at that day's reset.

How The Dawning works

Just like last year, you're able to combine certain intriguingly-named ingredients to create otherworldly sweeties with the returning Eva Levante, and her Holiday Oven.

You can find out how to get all the ingredients you need below. Most are from killing certain enemies or doing so in a certain way. Some are pretty obvious—Vex Milk from Vex kills, for example—but others less so. Or the clues are some fairly laboured puns, but I'm willing to give them a pass. Perhaps I'm starting to get into the festive spirit.

These ingredients can then be placed in the oven to produce cookies that can be provided to specific vendors in exchange for various gifts. 


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Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 ingredients

Below you'll find all the ingredients with whcih you'll be baking your Dawning recipes this year:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
IngredientHow to get it
Balanced FlavorsScout Rifles, Sniper Rifles or Bows kills
Vex MilkVex kills
Bullet SpraySMG, Auto Rifles or LMG kills
Taken ButterTaken kills
Cabal OilCabal kills
Superb TextureSuper kills
Chitin PowderHive kills
Sharp FlavorSword kills
Dark Ether CaneScorn kills
Pinch of LightCollect Orbs of Power
Delicious ExplosionGrenades, Rocket Launcher, or Grenade Launcher kills
Personal TouchMelee kills
Electric FavorArc kills
Perfect TastePrecision kills
Ether CaneFallen kills
Finishing TouchFinisher kills
Flash of InspirationGenerate orbs of power
Impossible HeatSolar kills
Multifaceted FlavorsMultikills
Null TasteVoid kills
Dark FrostingStasis kills


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Destiny 2 The Dawning 2021 recipes

And here are all the recipes. The only new ingredient appears to be 'Dark Frosting' so presumably that will be a part of the new recipes. I'll confirm in due course:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
Chocolate Ship CookieAmandaCabal Oil, Null Taste
Classic Butter CookieEvaTaken Butter, Superb Texture
Gentleman ShortbreadDevrimEther Cane, Perfect Taste
Ascendant Oatmeal Raisin CookieErishitin Powder, Finishing Touch
Bittersweet BiscottiCrowDark Ether Cane, Balanced Flavors
GjallerdoodleZavalaVex Milk, Delicious Explosion
Vanilla BladesLord ShaxxCabal Oil, Sharp Flavor
Thousand Layer CookiesRivenTaken Butter, Delicious Explosion
Telemetry TapiocaBanshee-44Vex Milk, Bullet Spray
Strange CookiesXurTaken Butter, Electric Flavor
Infinite Forest CakeFailsafeVex Milk, Impossible Heat
Ill-Fortune CookiesPetra VenjDark Ether Cane, Impossible Heal
Lavender Ribbon CookiesSaint-14Vex Milk, Personal Touch
Traveler Donut HolesIkoraCabal Oil, Flash of Inspiration
Eliksni BirdseedHawthorneEther Cane, Personal Touch
Candy Dead GhostsSpiderDark Ether Cane, Flash of Inspiration
Dark Chocolate MotesDrifterTaken Butter, Null Taste
Etheric ColdsnapsVariksChitin Powder, Electric Flavour
Blueberry CrumblersShawn HanEther Cane, Bullet Spray
Bright-Dusted SnowballsTess EverisChitin Powder, Multifaceted Flavour
Starwort ThinsExo StrangerDark Ether Cane, Dark Frosting
Ascendant Apple TartMara SovTaken Butter, Sharp Flavor
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