Destiny 2: Where to find Ascendant Anchors and Trivial Mysteries in the Shattered Realm

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The Shattered Realm is a new activity in Bungie's MMO and this week you'll need to search for Destiny 2 Ascendant Anchors, as part of the Ascendant Ballast challenge. There are ten to find in the Shattered Realm and you'll need to do a lot of jumping around to find them. Before you can do this, though, complete the Wayfinder's Voyage challenge and get the Barrier Breach upgrade for the Wayfinder's Compass. You'll need to gather Parallax Trajectory to access it, too. 

You'll need it to collect all ten to complete the challenge. There's also Destiny 2 Trivial Mysteries to collect. They can be found in seven Dreaming City-style chests. There's a lot to do, and I'm here to help you find everything you need.

Destiny 2 Shattered Realm Ascendant Anchors: Where to find them 

Ascendant Anchors look blue and swirly up close or a beam of white light from further away. They're fairly easy to spot, but first, you need to interact with a Barrier Breach Lantern near the entrance to the Abbey of Whispers. It looks like a dagger of sorts, and you can't miss it in the darkness. You'll also need to activate the Awoken beacons, which look like big white eggs. 

With all that in mind, let's take a look at where to find them (check out the video above, courtesy of ZaFrostPet if you need a visual guide):

  • Abbey of Whispers: After activating the beacon, hop on the pillars to reach the first Ascendant Anchor.
  • Outskirts: From here, look to your left to see another Anchor. There's also a Trivial Mystery in this area.
  • Crypt: There's a crypt nearby where you'll find another Anchor at the back. After that, go through the barrier to find another Anchor and Trivial Mystery, before leaving the crypt to find another Anchor beside a weird-looking tree.
  • Dark Forest: After picking up the last Anchor, head through the barrier in front of you and head into the cavern to find yet another Trivial Mystery and Anchor.
  • The Ruins: On the second floor, you'll find another Anchor.
  • Harrowed Cliffs: Double back towards the Outskirts. And as you travel along the path, you'll find a house. You'll be able to pick up another Anchor there. After that, head over to the Awoken beacon and look to your right, past the cliff edge. You should be able to see an island that has another Anchor on it and another Trivial Mystery behind the barrier.
  • The Sunken Cave: Jump on top of the house then make your way over to the big rock formation that's got some Blights on it. Look down and you'll see an island. Head there and deactivate the barrier to get into the Sunken Cave where you'll get the final Anchor.

Where to find the remaining Trivial Mysteries in Destiny 2 

Providing you've picked up the Trivial Mysteries I've mentioned above, you should only have three left to find. One can be found in The Ruins. Jump to the second floor and make your way through the barrier to find a Trivial Mystery. There's another in The Sunken Cave behind a barrier, and the final one can be found near the house, on a ledge below.

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