Destiny 2 Season of the Drifter video details new modes, gear, and guns

It's the question at least some Destiny 2 players have been asking themselves since Forsaken: what's inside the Drifter's big ball? Bungie has given us an exciting round up of the next season's activities via the medium of 'ViDoc' (a video), and apparently we will finally go inside the ball. "When you go into this thing, it's not what you expect," says art director Rob Adams.

He's not wrong. It's a high pressure PvE mode called 'Reckoning' set on the surreal Planes of the Nine. You can run that to earn armour pieces for the new, "sweatier" Gambit mode, Gambit Prime.

Gambit Prime starts out as a familiar Gambit experience and evolves over time as you unlock perks. A game lasts just one round, you can steal enemy motes, and the primeval bosses will be more complicated boss fights, "almost like a raid". Bungie has created armour sets for the four roles players tend to fulfil during gambit matches and there are two new maps, and new guns.

In addition creative director Del Chafe III says there will be "new gear to chase, new weapons to chase, we've got exotic quests, we've got clan ranks, we've got lore. Every week there's something different for you to do." 

We'll be able to get stuck into the new features quickly with the help of 'power surge bounties' that will speed everyone up to 640 power. Speaking as someone who still hasn't found the time to grind up to Black Armory activities yet, this is extremely welcome news.

New Pinnacle weapons? Yes indeed. Check out this trio of bad boys:

Good news also for fans of sinister meta-defining handcannons. "Week two you're going to start your journey to Thorn."

There's also a nod to Bungie's split from Activision from Destiny 2 director Luke Smtih. "We're starting to figure out the roadmap for what a Bungie-controlled Destiny looks like," he says. For more on the new season, check out the Destiny 2 news post and the new Season of the Drifter page at, which have information on what activities will be available to Forsaken and season pass owners. The Season of the Drifter sounds more worthwhile than The Black Armory, and apparently the follow up, Season of Opulence, is in testing right now.

Tom Senior

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