How to complete Metamorphosis Attunement in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Metamorphosis Attunement - Glowing rune
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Completing Metamorphosis Attunement in Destiny 2 is a key step in the new seasonal storyline, as you pick an element to focus as part of the Bladed Path quest. This might seem like a waste of time initially, but gaining each of the three attunements allows you to pick up the elemental Opaque Cards scattered throughout the Savathun's Spire activity. 

You can only pick one attunement right now, but you'll be able to choose the other two later in the season. As long as you pick an attunement that ties into the damage type or subclass you're using, it doesn't really matter what you choose first. All that said, here's how to complete your Metamorphosis Attunement in Destiny 2.

How to complete Metamorphosis Attunement

After you've chosen which element you want to attune to, you'll need to defeat combatants using that damage type in the Throne World or seasonal activities. This doesn't take long in Savathun's Spire, and afterwards you'll be directed to one of three Throne World lost sectors, depending on which element you chose:

  • Arc: Extraction
  • Solar: Metamorphosis
  • Void: Sepulcher

In the initial room, once you've cleared out the enemies, you'll need to find and shoot five Hive symbols—don't worry; these are all close by and pretty easy to locate. The key thing here is that you have to use the same damage type as your attunement. It doesn't even matter if you're on the wrong subclass, as long as you shoot the symbols with the correct damage type. 

I'd also suggest that you use a primary weapon, since apparently you can destroy the runes instead if using a special. Once all five are lit up, you'll get a message saying "A ritual circle manifests nearby". Head to the marker and activate the circle to complete attunement and that Bladed Path quest step.

The main benefit of attuning to a specific element is that you'll be able to pick up the Opaque Cards of that type in Savathun's Spire. There are two cards for each element currently, but you'll be able to change your elemental attunement in subsequent weeks, allowing you to eventually pick all of them up. If you also run secondary characters, these will be locked into the same attunement as your first character, so sadly you can't cheat things to get all the cards at once.

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