Destiny 2 is scrapping weekly bounties and ramping up recoil

Destiny 2 Stasis
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Destiny 2 is ditching weekly bounties in favour of a new "weekly challenges" system next season, as part of Bungie's latest push to combat what it sees as a problem with bounty fatigue.

Writing in the studio's latest This Week At Bungie post, senior community manager Dylan Gafner announced plans to replace Destiny's tedious weekly bounties system with new Weekly Challenges. These'll be instantly familiar to anyone who's ever peeped at something like Apex Legends' battle pass, delivering "between 3 and 10" new challenges every week for the first 10 weeks of a season

Destiny 2 weekly challenges

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While daily bounties will remain, Bungie reckons challenges will give them more freedom to get you doing stuff outside of the restraints of weeklies. These challenges also hope to up the amount of Bright Dust folks can earn—something Destiny has been a little stingy with lately—with a 4,000 completion bonus on top of the 10,000 awarded for completing those objectives along the way.

"In moving away from weekly bounties, which were restricted to broad objectives tied to ritual activities, we have taken more leeway with creating some interesting or more difficult Challenges. These may be things you are already doing, or things that test your ability".

Challenges aren't the only thing getting a shakeup, mind. In preparation for eventual cross-play support, Bungie are ramping up the recoil effects of a half-dozen weapon archetypes for mouse and keyboard players. Right now, recoil punch for things like auto rifles, SMGs and hand cannons is reduced by about 40% compared to their controller counterparts. That figure will be reduced to around 20% sometime later this year.

Destiny players have been concerned with the game's recoil disparity between platforms for years, though the community seemed more keen on lessening gamepad recoil. That Bungie plans to do the opposite by making guns harder to handle on PC seems controversial, to say the least.

As usual, Destiny 2 is in a kind of uncertain spot right now. Weekly challenges might alleviate the chore of running your bounties across three characters. It may even turn around concerns over limited bright dust opportunities. But Destiny players are still reeling in the wake of Bungie's decision to sunset weapons and vault over half the game's planets, raids and content.

Bungie has already announced plans to revamp rewards next season, with more guns and that aforementioned crossplay arriving later this year. Season 13 kicks off next Tuesday, February 2nd.

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