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Destiny 2: Forsaken players who used exploits to get raid gear early won’t be punished

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Update: Bungie says (opens in new tab) an upcoming hotfix will resolve the challenge reset error which resulted in many players missing out on gear drops this week. The hotfix will arrive in an update on Thursday. 

Original story:

Destiny 2's next raid, Last Wish, won't arrive until this Friday, but some players have already looted everything in it thanks to a newly discovered exploit. 

Reddit user ozberk (opens in new tab)and their clan found a way to glitch into a section of Last Wish via the Dreaming City, the end-game hub in the Forsaken expansion. After some extensive poking around, they discovered a raid chest which dropped raid-exclusive armor and weapons. 

Players didn't stop there, either. Multiple reports have confirmed that you can repeat this exploit by creating new characters and clearing the first mission in the campaign. This will reset the raid chest, allowing you to glitch back into the raid on your main character and loot it again. Some players have already used this exploit to obtain entire sets of raid gear. 

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Forsaken has seen its share of bugs, like the ability to game the Dreaming City's Blind Well activity using the exotic fusion rifle Telesto (opens in new tab), but this raid glitch is on a whole other level. It's a stone-cold exploit, and it's put a bit of a damper on the world-first race set to begin this Friday. 

Today Bungie addressed this exploit and other economy issues in a new blog post (opens in new tab). Community manager dmg04 confirmed that an incoming hotfix will close off the glitched raid area, preventing players from repeating the exploit. Dmg04 also said Bungie will not ban or suspend players who used the exploit, nor will those players lose their duped gear. 

The post also discusses the bugged 'milestone' rewards which occurred over the weekend. A few weekly challenges reset prematurely, but while players were able to complete these, they did not receive high-level rewards. Unfortunately, Bungie says players who unwittingly completed these challenges after their faulty reset "will not receive a proper challenge reset on Tuesday for these activities" and will miss some of this week's loot. 

Additionally, the post advises players to steer clear of a Prime Engram exploit making the rounds, as it will cause players to miss out on weeks worth of gear down the line. Despite these teething problems—and Bungie didn't even touch on the use of the Telesto weapon to skip to the boss in the Blind Well activity!—we've been having a lot of fun with Forsaken so far. Expect a full review around the end of the week.

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