How to get Epochal Integration in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Epochal Integration
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The Destiny 2 Epochal Integration hand cannon is a unique curated weapon that's been added as part of Season of the Deep. This solar shooter is the reward for the Parting the Veil quest, which acts as a bit of an epilogue to Lightfall, explaining more about the Veil, and helping to fill in a few of the holes that the campaign left behind.

The quest isn't particularly hard to complete, and it's open to everyone who's finished the Lightfall campaign—since it involves heading back to the Veil Containment Facility where you fought Calus. Here, I'll explain where to get the quest, how to complete it, and what the curated perks and origin traits are on this new gun.

How to get Epochal Integration

To claim this special solar hand cannon you need to head to Neomuna and see Nimbus. Once you've completed the main Lightfall campaign, they'll give you the Parting the Veil quest that rewards the weapon. The quest is fairly straightforward, but here are the steps:

  • Defeat Cabal on Neomuna to get Vex tracking data (there are plenty in Ahimsa Park).
  • Head to the cave in Maya's Retreat with the Vex conflux. Kill waves of Vex to un-shield the three Interlocutor Harpies, then kill each of them, before collecting the Vex Data from the node. You can get to Maya's Retreat through the east side of Liming Harbor.
  • Do the same thing again at the Irkalla Complex, just by the Veil Containment Facility where you fight the Shadow Legion during the last mission of the campaign. You can get to Irkalla Complex through the west side of Zephyr Concourse. 
  • Now, activate and complete the Parting the Veil mission activity from the flag near where you just were. This has a 1770 power level, plus you'll have to fight a Tormentor boss in Calus's arena with the same annoying pillars of darkness. Luckily, he's a lot easier to kill, though.
  • All you need to do now is head to the Pouka Pond to collect your hand cannon.

Epochal Integration is curated like the ritual weapon you get each season for levelling your Vanguard, Gambit, and Crucible reputation. Here's what its perk choices are:

Swipe to scroll horizontally
BarrelMagazinePerk onePerk twoOrigin trait
SmallboreRicochet RoundsKeep Away or Stats For AllEye of the Storm or IncandescentHarmonic Resonance or Nanotech Tracer Rockets

If you're doing PvE stuff, then Keep Away and Incandescent is a pretty good combo, making enemies explode and spread scorch when you kill them, plus giving you a reload bonus when you're fighting enemies at range.

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