Design your Stronghold Kingdoms dream-castle with this fan-made mod

Do you find that your fortress is too easily, and too often, breached by rodent-like enemies? Possibly even actual rodents? Or maybe it's just that the isometric view just makes it a little tough for you to get your architectural skills on. Whatever the case may be with your Stronghold Kingdoms castle, your problems can now be alleviated, thanks to this free, fan-made mod.

Uploaded to Google Code, the Stronghold Kingdoms Castle Designer allows you to map out your defenses via a top-down interface; buildings can be dragged into place easily, and removed with a right-click. Of course, it's a lot tougher to build castles in-game—the below example has an estimated construction time of 76 days—but for hardcore players of the free-to-play MMORTS, this could be a real boon. For best results, keep your castle design open on a second monitor as you play and build up your resources.