Demons descend on World of Warcraft, new cinematics reveal major lore details

As promised, World of Warcraft’s demon invasion of Azeroth pre-launch event has kicked off, bringing with it new outfits, weapons, cosmetic items and playable Demon Hunters for those who preordered. For the next three weeks the invasion will take place over six zones—including four-stage events—and will house close to one hundred spawning demon bosses.

Anyone over level ten can join in—even those who haven’t preordered. “We have Varian and Sylvanas and all the leaders of the Horde and the Alliance heading to the Broken Shore to stop Gul'dan,” senior game designer Jeremy Feasel told Steven last week. “And every player, even those who haven't preordered Legion, will be able to go and contribute to that and see what the aftermath to that is. It's probably one of the craziest pre-launch aftermaths that we've ever done. It's very Game of Thrones.”   

Speaking to that last point, the latest lore-tied cinematics to have surfaced (as posted by MMO Champion) reveal some pretty hefty story information. 

As you might expect, spoilers to follow. 

The questline which runs alongside the pre-launch event takes place in the Broken Shore where the Alliance and the Horde sort-of unite to combat the start of the demon invasion. Upon completion, depending on who you side with, you’ll be met with the following cinematics. Warning: tears incoming. 

Horde players also get a second cinematic which reveals the aftermath of the above.

Poor Ghost Wolf and poor Vol'jin, then. The scene really has been set (or what’s left of it) for WoW’s latest Legion chapter, due to arrive August 30.  

Thanks, Eurogamer