Democracy 3 Extremism expansion pack lets you go mad with power

Why aren't there more games about politics? The Extremism pack for governing sim Democracy 3 gives you a selection of 33 extra policies to level against disgruntled portions of society. People protesting about high divorce rates? Ban divorce. Too much pollution? Ban airports. Don't like Marmite? You know what to do. The ban-hammer of the elected representative is mighty indeed.

Ruling the country in Democracy 3 usually involves tweaking tax incentives to please unhappy citizens. A collection of severe tools ought to give us new ways to prod the simulation (just be careful not to get assassinated by a militant Marmite group). From the examples given on the Democracy 3 site , it sounds like a variety of political angles will be represented. You can have presenters sing the national anthem at the start of every broadcast, advisable if only your national anthem is significantly less dirge-like than God Save the Queen.

"I don't know what the US situation is right now," writes developer, Cliffski, on his blog , "but Europe sure is going all extreme in it's politics, from the National Front in France to the delights of UK politicians who blame flooding on gay marriage (oh yes…). We have a big test of extremist (kinda) politics in the UK coming up with the European elections. Should be an interesting spectacle.

"On that front, how about I release a NEW EXPANSION PACK!"

The pack is available now from Positech's site . It costs £3.85 / $6.50, which will get you a Steam key to the expansion as well. You'll need a copy of the original game for it to work, of course. Here's the live action trailer.

Tom Senior

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