Dell readies own version of HoloLens mixed reality headset for $360

Microsoft has been saying for several months now that lower cost mixed reality headsets are headed to Windows 10. Dell is one of the company's hardware partners that plans on taking advantage of mixed reality experiences being introduced with the Fall Creators Update and has shared some more details about its upcoming headset.

The Dell Visor (VR118) is essentially Dell's take on HoloLens—it features the same technology as Microsoft's headset, including inside-out tracking cameras, with a 360-degree panoramic view. That means it can scan a user's surroundings without having to reply on satellite emitters around the room.

Resolution per eye is set at 1440x1440 with 90Hz refresh rates. Dell also promises a high level of comfort.

"Engineered with a flip-up visor for convenient transitions, it features well-cushioned head and face padding, thumbwheel band adjustment for personalized comfort, and smart weight balancing that takes pressure off the nose and cheeks," Dell says.

The headset has a cable management clip to secure cords and route them to the back of the headband. And for keeping the white headset clean, Dell said it applied an anti-stain coating.

Optional controllers with a thumb stick and buttons will also be available. They offer 6 degrees of freedom of movement in a three-dimensional space with haptic feedback, and are tracked by sensors in the headsets.

Dell says to look for the Visor and controllers in the "coming months." The headset will cost $350, and the controllers $100. While they will also be available in a kit, there will not be a discount for buying them together.

More launch details will be available soon.

Paul Lilly

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