Defense Grid 2 funded by secret investor after Kickstarter fell short

The Defense Grid 2 Kickstarter came to a close last August having just barely met its $250,000 goal. This amount funded the production of the original Defense Grid's expansion, Containment, but failed to meet the stretch goal required to guarantee that Hidden Path would move ahead on Defense Grid 2. Luckily for Defense Grid fans, a Kickstarter update has just announced that an outside investor put up the extra cash to make the sequel happen, and all backers will still be receiving a copy at no extra cost when the game releases in early 2014.

"You guys supported us. An investor saw your support, saw us make promises to you, saw us keep those promises to you, and after Containment shipped, they decided to partner with us and invest in Defense Grid 2," said Hidden Path founder Jeff Pobst. The investor remains nameless, but the team has declared DG2 "fully funded," which would have required $750,000 on top of the amount raised by Kickstarter. So it's probably not anybody in our social circles.

As mentioned, if you're one of the 6200 or so people who backed the Kickstarter at $15 or more, you're already entitled to a free copy of DG2. The devs have also confirmed that the new funding will allow them to go ahead with Mac and Linux support, as well as a level editor (which were all part of the unmet $750,000 stretch goal). You can review all things Defense Grid 2 on the Kickstarter page .