Deckard Cain puts enemies to sleep in Heroes of the Storm by reading them Diablo lore

Heroes of the Storm brings together the mightiest characters from across Blizzard's games, but the latest champion to enter the Nexus might be the best. Deckard Cain, Diablo's longwinded loremaster, is entering the fray.

Why is Deckard Cain so great? Well, in addition to identifying all your items and having his own rap song, Cain's HotS incarnation has some pretty hilarious heroic abilities.

Cain is described as a setup healer, strong at healing, area denial, and debuffing enemies, but weak to mobility and silence. His passive ability give him 10 armor and 50 percent faster cooldown recharge whenever he's nearby at least one allied hero. 

His Q ability, Healing Potion, throws a potion bottle onto the battlefield that heals the first ally to pick it up. Up to five potions can be active at a time. His W, Horadric Cube, deals damage and slows enemies within range. Finally, his E ability, Scroll of Sealing, designates a triangular area on the ground that deals damage and roots enemies inside for 1.5 seconds. 

Cain's heroic abilities are really where the fun is. His first, Stay A While and Listen, tells a riveting tale to enemies in a wide frontal arc. As such, they fall asleep for two seconds. The second ability is titled Lorenado, a literal tornado of books and papers that travels in the target direction, pushing back enemies that come in contact with it.

Deckard Cain should be playable on the PTR soon, before making his way to Heroes of the Storm proper sometime this month.

Bo Moore

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