Deadly Premonition developer Swery launches new studio

After taking time out from then employer Access Games in late 2015 for health reasons, Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro has now announced his return to game development. Going solo, White Owls Inc. is the Deadly Premonition and D4: Dark Dreams Never Die's latest venture which he announced via social media today. 

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"We, White Owls Inc. are just a newly born studio," reads a post on the White Owls Inc. Facebook page. "However, I am developing very hard to deliver a wonderful game to you all over the world. I look forward to your continued support."

What that game is remains a mystery for now, however the studio's official website notes that one project is in the works, while a dedicated—although blank at the time of writing—'VR' page may point towards something with virtual reality support.  

Besides Swery himself, stuffed monkey and "PR Rep" Sharapova is the only other staff member listed at White Owls however Swery tells Gamastura that "each staff member has years of experience working in the game industry, and more than anything, they're all brimming with motivation and creativity." 

When asked what sorts of games he plans to make under the White Owls banner, Swery says: 

"We want to create games for YOU, the people who like us. Games that are bizarre, scary, grotesque, and dreamlike, yet also have a strange realism. Games that remind you of the past, that are comical, and sad yet lovable. Those are the kind of games we'll be making.

"In order to make my ideas into realities, I've signed a contract with Blake Rochkind, an agent from UTA. In the near future, I'm pretty sure this white owl will be soaring out over the entire world!"