Dead Island gets a second chance at life


Those who dragged their corpses out of bed this morning, with bloodshot eyes and a hunger for the launch of Dead Island, found themselves facing off against a horde of gameplay bugs. Whoops. But developer Deep Silver jumped into action with a launch day patch . (You can also simply reinstall the game; the new build contains the day one patch.)

Unfortunately, the update may render all previous save games unusable. Fret not, fellow zombie slayers—you can start a new game as the same character you've been using, then use "Chapter Select" to recoup most of your lost progress.

Deep Silver understands the inner rage you may feel welling up inside you—luckily, they've got plans to make it up to the fans affected by the day one PC problem, with further details on the way (personally, I have my fingers crossed for an in-game water-balloon launcher that shoots napalm-filled red balloons). It should also be noted that players who pre-ordered the game will still be getting the Bloodbath DLC on schedule, and Deep Silver is well aware of the bugs some players are experiencing with The Ripper and are working on more patches for release ASAP. Early adopters of Dead Island may feel a bit of a sting from this morning's mix-up, but Deep Silver's doing everything they can to make the best of a not-so-great situation; with any luck, we PC gamers can bury the hatchet once we've had our fill of slicing zombie necks with it.