Dead Island creators trademark Dead World

Dead Island - Sam B covering fire

A report on Siloconera is saying that Techland have coined the "Dead World" trademark, strongly suggesting that a bigger, bloodier sequel to Dead Island is in the works. In spite of the fact that Techland put out the wrong version of the game on release day, Dead Island ended up doing quite well. It filled the deserted open world zombie survival niche quite nicely with some horrendous gore and a big, beautiful island. You can find out what we thought in our Dead Island review .

Techland have since released a number of chunky patches, fixing the many launch bugs, balancing the zombies and adding new weapons. A strong modding community have added some unique twists to the Dead Island formula, and can see the best results of their efforts in our round up of the top ten Dead Island mods .

While it's unlikely that Techland will expand the zombie apocalypse to encompass the entire globe, you'd expect an even bigger play area with the 'World' tag. What would you like to see from a Dead Island sequel?

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