Dead Cells' next DLC adds a Metroid Dread-style biome and throwable shark

Dead Cells' Queen and the Sea DLC.
(Image credit: Motion Twin)

Developers Motion Twin and Evil Empire has announced a substantial new expansion for Dead Cells, The Queen and the Sea, which will be arriving on January 6. The DLC is apparently "finishing off the path that we started years ago with The Bad Seed and Fatal Falls [the previous major DLC offerings]. Ending a trilogy needs some special touches and we believe we've put quite a few in this DLC."

This is late-game content that offers an alternative to the 'normal' ending path, and features a rotting shipwreck and a lighthouse biome, the latter looking particularly interesting. One of Dead Cells' big inspirations is the Metroid series, which recently saw the release of Metroid Dread on Switch: In this entry, Samus spends the game being pursued by a seemingly unstoppable foe and having to escape it.

The burning lighthouse brings this concept into Dead Cells, and hits players with a double-whammy. When you enter the lighthouse, it immediately starts burning and you have to scale it while the flames rise. At the same time, a new enemy type called the Queen's Guardians will relentlessly pursue you (as shown below), and have to be dodged and delayed as much as possible as you scramble up.

The cherry on the cake is the addition of a new final boss, the Queen of course, who comes with a new ending for the game and the suggestion you may finally be able to escape the game's island. As with all previous DLC The Queen and the Sea also adds a bunch of cosmetics, various new enemy types, and then the new weapons.

Dead Cells' Queen and the Sea DLC's final boss.

(Image credit: Motion Twin)

Yes, you can get a shark that you throw, which chomps enemies on the way, and which you can then pick up and throw again or use as a bludgeon. The DLC adds a trident and a pirate hook hand as well but, honestly, they're a little overshadowed by a weaponised Great White that you can use to either eat enemies or mash them into paste.

The Queen and the Sea is out January 6, 2022, and will cost £4.49/$4.99. Here's the Steam page.

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