DC Universe Online adds more servers, first update incoming

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Sony Online Entertainment have added extra PvP servers to the European and US editions of the game to cope with the unexpectedly high influx of players. They've also spoken a bit about the features they're planning to add to the game, and the differences between PC and PS3 players.

Speaking to Massively , Game Director Chris Cao reveals that working auction houses and improved chat functions will be the first port of call in the next update saying "we had some issues in beta with making sure that fonts were readable and the UI was working well. We've worked hard to fix those things, and [it is] basically the very next thing on the docket to get out to all of you. You have stuff in your bags, and you need a way to trade it -- we understand that."

As well as some general UI updates, Cao also outlines plans to add a series of new emote animations "We actually have, in the next update coming out, a resting mode. In some games it's called "sit," but in superhero games, they look far different than that. For example, on the Serious type characters, it's very much like the Batman-styled crouch-on-a-gargoyle kind of look. For the comical, it's a fall-down-with-legs-splayed kind of thing. We're adding a few more of those to buff up the social side overall."

Chris Cao also notes some of the differences in play style between the PC and PS3 audiences for the game "The major differences are in how we get comments more than anything. The PC players are more used to forums and posting their ideas more fully, whereas the PS3 players are much more in the moment and make comments in more of a tweet style."

"Right now, as MMO players who have been on the PC come over and teach social conventions to the PS3 guys. They need to know that since they're not used to [a game in which] everyone in a city can actually hear, they can shout out and hopefully get some people to help, or ask a question. I think half of that is not just the UI, but also people getting accommodated to this kind of game."

DC Universe Online has opened up two new PvP servers in Europe and another two in the US to cope with the demand for the game. If you're thinking about jumping in have a read of our first impressions of DC Universe Online .

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