DayZ has more than a million players

Do you play DayZ? Grats, you're one in a million! One in 1,006,566 to be precise, if the unique players counter on the front page of the DayZ site is accurate. Between you you've played for 1,244 YEARS, you've walked 1,398,879,267km and killed 2,147,483,647 zombies, which is a significant portion of the human population currently living on planet Earth. How many more zombies can there be?

Not bad for a mod that's " two or three hours away from complete disaster at any time ," but that's part of the appeal. Dean "Rocket" Hall has been updating the mod regularly with new features to make surviving the zombie apocalypse even more harrowing, like bear traps, and evil ghosts. Okay, there are no ghosts. Yet.

If you fancy trying out DayZ, check out our guide to installing Day Z . For an idea of why you'd want to do that, have a look at our favourite DayZ moments , featuring a mad tractor rampage.

Edit: Fixed Dean "Rocket" Hall's name. It's not Robert. It's not Robert at all.

Tom Senior

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