Dawn of War 3 trailer showcases its factions and contextualises its battles

If you haven't picked up the latest issue of PC Gamer magazine whose cover story explores the Eldar portion of Dawn of War 3, I'm sure it's the first item on your Christmas list. Ahead of its as yet undetermined release next year, Relic's forthcoming RTS has now launched a new 'Fog of War' trailer which focuses on its factions, storytelling and in-game cinematics. 

Hosted by the game's director Philippe Boulle and art director Matt Kuzminski, the following video also contextualises the hows and whys of the brutal warfare its units and heroes are embroiled in.  

"We make games where there's a massive army of hundreds of units clashing and it's easy for that to feel disposable. What the story brings to that is to bring context—and that's what elevates it," explains Boulle below. "But then there's also how we create an environment, where it feels like there's a context and rationale to it." 

Lending meaning to the violence through actions and sounds, says Boulle, lends "a whole tenor to how this universe works and how combat feels." Boulle adds: "That's our whole setting." 

Dawn of War 3 is without a concrete launch date for now, however Tom's conversation with Relic with regards to how it plans to raise its game for DoW 3's campaign is well worth reading in the meantime.