Dawn of War 2: Retribution screenshots reveal Eldar Ulthwe DLC

Dawm of War 2 Retribution Ulthwe DLC

A new post on the Dawn of War 2: Retribution blog reveals a new DLC pack that will add the Ulthwe faction to the Eldar. The Ulthwe have the level of cheer you'd expect from a faction that lives their entire lives near an inter dimensional phenomenon known as the Eye of Terror. They're not be too optimistic about the future of the universe, but they are very good at shooting demons in the face. The DLC will provide a new look for most of the main Eldar units, similar to the recent Dark Angels pack which was released back in April for $7.50 / £5.00. There's no news on a release date or pricing details just yet, but you can see four new screenshots of the redesigned units below.

Tom Senior

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