Dawn of War 2: Retribution new Last Stand items detailed

Dawn of War 2 Retribution guards eaten thumb

A free update for Dawn of War 2: Retribution's Last Stand mode is set to go live later today. Twelve new pieces of wargear will be added, tied to a series of new achievements that must be completed to earn the new items. Relic have posted a summary of the new gear on the Dawn of War 2: Retribution site . Some of the most powerful sounding items include a Space Marine thunder hammer that can stun vehicles, and a Laughing Stave for the Eldar Farseer that fires bolts of deadly lightning. Your enemies are unlikely to find this funny.

There's no news yet on what exactly we'll have to do to earn the achievements, but Relic say to "expect some steep challenges." We'll have to wait and see the new roles that emerge from the introduction of the new loot. If you're interested in improving your Last Stand scores, check out our guide to beating Last Stand .

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