Dauntless is getting a new mode for earning abilities and cosmetics in its first major content update

Phoenix Labs' monster hunting game Dauntless will get a new hunting mode called Trials next week as part of the game's first major content update, Fortune and Glory. The new mode will confront players with modified, more dangerous Behemoths and new environmental challenges across two distinct difficulty levels, each with their own unique rewards for players who can get the job done.

Completing Trials at the normal difficulty will earn Steel Marks that be used to purchase useful rewards including weapon mods and alternate special attacks. Completing them at the Dauntless difficulty will bring in Gilded Marks, which are used to purchase "exclusive cosmetic rewards that showcase more advanced accomplishments."

The currencies can only be earned by Trials, and can be spent in a shop owned by a new character in Ramsgate named Lady Luck. Her shop will also feature a Wall of Champions leaderboard for solo and group hunts that will rotate on a weekly basis.

The Fortune and Glory update also kicks off a new Dauntless season called High Skies, which will include two Hunt Passes with "new and stylish content" to collect. The first, built around a "swashbuckling pirate theme," will have 50 levels of both cosmetics and consumables to earn; the second will arrive later this summer. 

The Fortune and Glory update, and the High Skies season, goes live on July 16. Details are up at playdauntless.com.

Andy Chalk

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