Data-mined Hearthstone patch hints at possible Blackrock Mountain expansion

Molten Core

We are approaching some sort of spoiler event horizon where it’s impossible to keep anything a surprise. Blizzard may have already teased an announcement at its PAX East panel next week but, thanks to data-miners at Hearthhead and HearthPwn, the community seems to be a step ahead. A new Hearthstone patch hit the servers this morning—but isn’t live yet—which was quickly data-mined for info.

It contained details of three new card backs, the names of which, and the requirements for unlocking them, hint at more. The card backs are called Molten Core, Ragnaros, and Golden Celebration, and while the Ragnaros card back is listed as being rewarded through ranked play as per usual, the other two have more unique requirements.

The Golden Celebration card back’s meaning is cryptic, but World of Warcraft fans will know that Molten Core is a raid in the Blackrock Mountain zone and home to two bosses that are already Hearthstone cards, Baron Geddon and Ragnaros the Firelord. The requirement for receiving the Molten Core card back has a note saying “purchase brm presale.” Although nothing’s confirmed, Molten Core’s WoW roots would likely mean “brm” is shorthand from Blackrock Mountain, and could suggest a Blackrock Mountain themed update.

With some sort of PAX East announcement due next Friday, it’s worth noting that Hearthstone’s previous adventure mode, the Curse of Naxxramas, was also based on a World of Warcraft raid, and revealed at the same event last year. Could we be about to get a second adventure mode, this time centred on Blackrock Mountain? Our Magic 8-Ball says ‘maybe’. We’ve reached out to Blizzard for comment.

Tom Marks
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