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Darkest Dungeon is getting Town Events this month, plus a Linux port

Darkest Dungeon

After a lengthy and productive Early Access period, Darkest Dungeon officially released in January to very strong reviews. That doesn't mean Red Hook Studios has moved on, though: the game continues to get regular updates, with the next poised to introduce new 'Town Events' to the game, which will bring some life and variety to the game's Hamlet.

Previously a static hub world the player returns to after each quest, the Hamlet will now feature events of its own which will trigger after certain quests. "For example, the ALL SAINTS DAY event has a high chance to proc after successfully completing the Ruins Gather Holy Relics Quest," a studio spokesperson explains in a recent update.

They elaborate further: "ALL SAINTS DAY sends the Abbey into a zealous celebration, and makes all treatments there free for that week! We like this example as it helps answer a common community concern on the value of the various gather/destroy quests that we’ve had in the game for a long time, and have been criticized for their loss in value due to inventory restrictions."

Meanwhile, Darkest Dungeon now has a Linux port, and the studio intends to make modding the game a more accessible enterprise. To these ends, "better tools, docs and Steam Workshop integration" is still a work in progress. As for the Town Events, they're expected to roll out mid-May.

Shaun Prescott
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