Darkest Dungeon gets a little more crowded with two new classes

Darkest Dungeon update

"Darkest Dungeon" doesn't sound like somewhere I'd like to venture without an infinite floodlight and a squad of trained marines, but by all accounts it's a fun old punishing time in a brutal, Gothic world that wants to kill you. It's been in Early Access for a little while now, quietly updating itself when you're not looking, but it's just received its first sizable update.

'Friends & Frenzy' adds two new hero classes, the Man-at-Arms and the Arbalest, who wield themselves and a crossbow respectively. I can't get enough crossbows in games, so that last bit is piercing music to my ears. The new patch also chucks in new loot, the ability to have heart attacks (cheers), and three additional bosses called things like 'Gibbering Prophet'. I know a good cure for the gibbers (*readies crossbow*).

The massive patch notes are here. Will this update tempt you back to the dungeon, if you've already drunk it dry?

Tom Sykes

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