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Dark Souls to move from GFWL to Steam a month later than expected

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Those waiting to play Dark Souls through Steam following the slow demise of Games For Windows Live will need to wait a bit longer. Publisher Bandai Namco announced on Steam today that the transition will arrive later than expected, and that more information will come in the coming weeks.

"We are working hard to finalize the process to move your Dark Souls: Prepare to Die saves and achievements to Steam," the publisher wrote. "We need to conduct additional testing and we are now targeting December to begin this process. We'll have more information in the coming weeks. Thank you very much for your patience!"

Namco announced the move last month, which will allow owners of Dark Souls to redeem their GFWL tokens on Steam in order to access the game. For a limited time players can also transfer their save data and achievements to Steam, which is good news for anyone forced to suffer the woe that is GFWL.

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