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Dancing in Star Wars: The Old Republic can make you invincible

The recent Ilum exploits in Star Wars: The Old Republic pale in comparison to the the glitch shown above, spotted by RPS , in which a bounty hunter discovers that dancing instantly interrupts all enemy attacks, effectively rendering him invincible as long as he never, ever drops the beat.

Typing the /getdown command in front of an enemy that's targeting you seems to do the trick. We haven't had chance to try it yet, but we'll dive in for a quick boogie in front of the first Rancor we find at lunchtime. Chris reckons that as the /getdown command is used for group dancing, the attacking NPC's indecision may be down to the fact that he's TRYING to dance, but can't manage it, because he only knows how to kill :(

UPDATE: Reports have been coming in that players using this exploit are being banned by BioWare. Do NOT use the irrepressible power of dance to avoid a fight until we confirm.

UPDATE #2: The earlier reports of players being banned have been outed as fakes, and we've confirmed with BioWare directly that no one has been banned, suspended, or even warned in regards to the /getdown bug. Get back out on that dance floor!

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