Cyberpunk RTS Satellite Reign is free on Humble

In Satellite Reign, the spiritual successor to Bullfrog RTS Syndicate, you guide four agents through top-down battles in a neon cyberpunk city. We enjoyed it when it first released in 2015, and now you can get it for free on the Humble store. The freebie is good through 10 am Pacific (1 pm Eastern) Saturday, April 21. 

"I love how it blends tactical combat with an open-world structure and Deus Ex-inspired freedom," Andy said in his 80/100 review. "Creeping through a heavily defended enemy base unseen is a thrill, and if things go awry, there are lots of combat options to experiment with. Messing up is never a bad thing, because adapting and surviving is so much fun. Then you slip back into the darkness of those rain-lashed streets until the heat dies down, and you search the map for the next bank, military facility, or police station to hit."  

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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