Cyberpunk cat adventure Stray gets a gameplay trailer and July release date

Stray cat
(Image credit: Annapurna Interactive)

We finally got a nice look at Stray, the third-person (well, third-kitty) cyberpunk adventure game from BlueTwelve Studio and Annapurrrrna Interactive at Sony's State of Play presentation. And it looks stellar as you guide a stray cat through a dark and dangerous neon-soaked city trying to solve an ancient mystery and avoid hostile drones and other hazards.

Even better, we got a release date for Stray. While we knew it was due out sometime this summer, Sony finally nailed it down for us. Stray will release on Steam on July 19.

Have a look at some gameplay below. It's bound to get your whiskers twitching.

The trailer is a brief one but we get to see the cat navigating dark alleys, subway stations, and sewer systems. Curiously, the local robotic residents seem quite upset to see a cat strolling in their direction: one hammers an alarm before fleeing, and others slams doors and disappear around corners. Why are they so worried about a stray cat? 

The world looks beautifully detailed, and it's nice to see that not everyone in it hates cats. We see an encounter with one friendly cyborg, at least, who gives kitty a ride on a boat. The cyber-grubs in the sewer seem far more hostile. You can visit Stray's Steam page here, where it's listed at $30 with 10% off for preorders.

Christopher Livingston
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