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Cyberpunk 2077 quest designer says it's 'inherently political'

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In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine there's an interview with CD Projekt Red quest designer Patrick Mills, who discusses Cyberpunk 2077 (opens in new tab) and makes a few comparisons with The Witcher 3, which he also worked on. Of particular interest is his response to being asked about whether the new game will contain "political themes or social commentary".

"Cyberpunk 2077 is a game about people with power at the top and people at the bottom with none", he replied. "That power can come from money, hierarchies, technology and violence. The original Cyberpunk 2020 setting, like the setting of The Witcher stories, was a complex critique of the author's world, and we don't shy away from that in our games. On the contrary I think it's one of the things that sets us apart [...] Cyberpunk is an inherently political genre and it's an inherently political franchise."

Mills also talked about the decision to make their new game a first-person RPG. "There's a lot of things we get from first person, and part of it is being closer to the character and to feel like you're inhabiting that character. But at the same time I would also say this: go play a third-person game, go play The Witcher 3, and look up. Just try to look straight up. You'll find that the [immersion] never truly works. It never feels like you are looking up. It feels like you're moving a camera around.".

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