Phantom Liberty's wildest gun quickhacks enemies with bullets, but it's hard to find

Cyberpunk 2077 GRIS-GRIS
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There are plenty of absurd weapons in Cyberpunk 2077's Phantom Liberty expansion. You've got the combo of throwing Fang into someone's leg before blowing it off with Bald Eagle, the unique burning mechanic on guns like Taigan, Laika, and Alabai, which you can only get from airdrops, and Crimestopper's ability to disable cyberlimbs, stopping your foes in their tracks. But out of all the Iconic weapons I've found in Dogtown, GRIS-GRIS is by far the most fun.

GRIS-GRIS is a Tech Revolver with a pretty straightforward concept: each time you hit an enemy with a bullet, there's a chance to upload a random quickhack. The stronger the quickhack is, the lower the chance of applying it. For those that don't know, quickhacks are like craftable viruses that you can send to enemies, making them turn on their friends, shoot themselves, and loads of other things. 

You'd usually have to have a Cyberdeck equipped in order to use them, though, which is another reason GRIS-GRIS is so good. On a slow-firing revolver, applying quickhacks might not be strong, but while charged, GRIS-GRIS can fire full auto, sowing chaos in groups of enemies as random quickhacks start to take root.

You just start shooting and see what happens. One enemy might go blind, another might start firing up in the air, before a third pulls the pin on a grenade and blows them all up. At the same time, nothing might happen. It's honestly a clown gun. Despite how fun it is, though, GRIS-GRIS is the hardest Iconic weapon to find in the expansion, requiring you to grab an access card in one very specific location, and take it to another gang hideout in a separate part of Dogtown entirely.

It's worth noting that you'll need to have unlocked The Damned main quest that requires you to investigate Slider's Hideout—this is where the gun is hidden. First, though, you'll need to grab that card:

  • Head to the Luxor High Wellness Spa fast travel point in north Dogtown, then travel left along the road under the building until you see a gate and a little parking area on the right. 
  • As you pull up, you'll likely get a call from Mr. Hands about the Treating Symptoms side gig, which takes place in this building. You don't need to do the gig to get the keycard, but you can handle it at the same time if you feel like it.
  • As you make your way through the hideout, you'll find a big room on the ground floor with some lion statues at the centre, surrounding a stack of computer equipment overgrown with vegetation. 
  • Off to the side of this room is a glass door leading into a small office, where you can find the Slider's Hideout Storage Room Key next to the terminal. 

Now you can head back to Slider's hideout. If you've already completed The Damned mission, the front doors might be locked—this happened to me as I found the keycard after I'd already done it—but it will reopen later, so don't worry. For me, this was after I'd completed the main Phantom Liberty quest, but that timing may vary for others. In the central room where you have to destroy the big Server boss, climb to the upper balcony to find a door you can now open. The gun is resting in a case just inside. Enjoy those quickhacks!

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