Cyberpunk 2077 mod lets you pay off cops and hire them to smoke your enemies

Cyberpunk 2077 mod Immersive NCPD Hotline
(Image credit: anygoodname)

Anyone who has played Cyberpunk 2077 will know that its in-game police system is, well, a bit naff. Indeed, despite improvements since launch, the police AI in the game remains rather rudimentary, and it's easy to have immersion broken by some ridiculous rozzer behavior.

Gamers know this and CD Projekt Red does, too, which is why a "complete overhaul" to the police system is incoming in Cyberpunk 2077's incoming Phantom Liberty expansion pack. That's great news, yes, but with Phantom Liberty still months out, not ideal for gamers playing today.

Enter talented modder anygoodname, who has recently released the Immersive NCPD Hotline mod for Cyberpunk 2077 over at NexusMods. This mod is noteworthy as it introduces whole new ways to interact with Night City's police force, making them easier and more fun to deal with, albeit in a slightly cheaty manner.

With the mod installed V can now, at the push of a few phone buttons, bribe the NCPD to attack enemies, as well as pay them to cover up any crimes and also to protect yourself against false blame reports. You can see how the first of these mechanisms works in the below gif.

Why get your hands dirty when you can pay the cops to do it for you? (Image credit: anygoodname)

Of the three of these new functions there's one that really stands out to me, and that's the ability to protect yourself from false blame reports. Yes, the other two functions look fun in a kind of cheat code-type manner, but that third one genuinely will make playing Cyberpunk 2077 better, as I'm sure every player will have had the game's overly sensitive cops going nuclear on them for no good reason before.

An "Ah, I can see you accidentally knocked over that hot dog cart, sir. No problem, we will now just brutally execute you with a full NCPD SWAT team" moment.

Cyberpunk 2077 mod

Pay for a bit of protection, don't get murdered. Simple. (Image credit: anygoodname)

As you can see in the gif above, that's not a problem though with the Immersive NCPD Hotline mod installed. Make a call, pay some cash, then sit back and enjoy some enhanced police AI.

Obviously, this mod has taken inspiration from Grand Theft Auto's phone-based cheat system, but the fact that it makes Cyberpunk 2077 better shows how the game's rudimentary-to-broken police system should have taken inspiration from that series all along.

I mean, the police system in GTA is infinitely more refined than Cyberpunk, with a decent wanted system and basic stuff, like not automatically spawning cops up your backside when you do something illegal when no one else is watching. And, even judging the series police system on GTA V, that game was released in 2013, not 2020 like Cyberpunk.

Cyberpunk 2077 mod Immersive NCPD Hotline

Your ascent to fame in Night City can now be bacon powered. (Image credit: anygoodname)

This is one of a few police-orientated mods available for Cyberpunk 2077 right now, with the rest browseable on the NexusMods website. There are also plenty of other game-enhancing add-ons as well, so if you fancy upgrading your Night City experience, it's well worth checking out in the run-up to Phantom Liberty.

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