Cyberpunk 2077 damage numbers can be turned off, 'a lot' of HUD settings optional

The Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay reveal was viewed by almost half a million people. I'm excited, but feel its HUD is a little cluttered in places—not least during its combat sequences. Lucky for me, CD Projekt Red says damage numbers can be turned off and a host of HUD elements will be optional. 

Following Monday's gameplay reveal, Sardukhar, a moderator on the game's official forum, asked prospective players what they liked and disliked about the footage. Within their own observations, they say they'd like the option to remove the damage numbers above target's heads—which Sardukhar has since updated with a reply from the dev's community lead Marcin Momot. 

"That is exactly our plan," Sardukhar quotes Momot. "A lot of HUD elements (including damage numbers) will be optional."

This echoes Momot's sentiments on Twitter. When asked specifically about "damage numbers flying on the enemies heads", and whether or not players can turn this feature off, Momot said: "We are planning on allowing players to turn off/on a lot of the HUD elements."

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You'll play Cyberpunk 2077 however you so chose, but I fancy scaling back its HUD and UI entirely—in the same way I played and modded The Witcher 3

Look out for today's PCG Q&A for more on what we liked and disliked about Cyberpunk 2077's new footage. In the meantime, here are five ways the gameplay demo somehow lives up to the hype.