Cut the sacred grass of ancient kings and druids in this Lawn Mowing Simulator DLC

Lawn Mowing Simulator, in case the title doesn't quite nail it down for you, is a simulation about mowing lawns. And not just any old side yard, no: We're talking about the lush green grass of the Great British countryside, trimmed and tamed by "an authentic and expansive roster of real-world licensed lawn mowers from prestigious manufacturers," including Scag Power Equipment, STIGA, and Toro.

The new Ancient Britain DLC that went live today on Steam enables you to up your lawn care game even further, by providing access to four brand new locations drawn from the deep (and imaginary) British history: The Royal Stones, Druid's Tor, the Ancient Aurochs, and Aurochs Hill. 

I had hoped that the DLC would turn your mower into a sort of weed-eating Hot Tub Time Machine, tossing me back into the distant past to tend the yards of powerful druids and forgotten kings. Alas, it does not: Instead, players become the virtual groundskeepers of these historical sites, exploring "quintessentially British ruins" while mowing their historically-significant lawns. 

Each locale in the DLC is charming and tranquil, but not without challenge: Mowers can easily roll on steep slopes, and if you cause any damage by running over plants or bonking into a rock or a tree, it'll come out of your pay.

The Ancient Britain DLC for Lawn Mowing Simulator goes for $9/£7/€9, and comes alongside a possibly even more exciting game update, free for all players, that adds string trimmers to the game. These essential tools allow you to get off your mower and cut grass more easily in awkward, tight spaces, "ensuring you stay away from damage fines and produce the best work yet."

The whole thing might sound a bit silly, but we tried it out last year and found that there was a certain Zen quality to the experience—not unlike real lawn mowing, for people who are into that sort of thing. "I found the experience oddly soothing," Andy Kelly wrote in his preview. "There's something deeply satisfying about buzzing around these idyllic English gardens, giving unkempt lawns a trim. You can almost smell the freshly cut grass as you play."

And now you can smell the history, too.

Andy Chalk

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