Crysis 4 has been announced

Crytek has announced that Crysis 4 is coming a few hours after its existence was leaked on Chinese social media. A short teaser trailer dropped showing the classic Crysis nanotechnology in all its shiny greyscale glory, before ending with the number four and the message "Join the journey. Become the hero."

While it's all very hype, it's perhaps a little bittersweet considering the whole thing was spoiled mere hours before the official announcement. As spotted by Eurogamer, an image appeared on Chinese social media site BiliBili which appeared to be a reveal for Crysis 4. The post from Crytek China read: "The 'Crysis 4' project is confirmed, opening a new nano battlefield!" 

It appears that for now, Crysis 4 is just a working title. The YouTube thumbnail calls it the "4th instalment in the Crysis franchise," which sort of tracks when former Crytek CEO said all the way back in 2012 that the next Crysis game wouldn't be called Crysis 4

There hasn't been a mainline Crysis game since Crysis 3 in 2012, though the trilogy has seen remasters over the last couple of years. It had given fans hope that a new game was on the horizon, and the new announcement trailer is sure to ramp up the hype. It seems like Crytek is holding its cards close to its chest for now, though hopefully they'll trickle some new info about the next instalment soon enough.

Mollie Taylor
Features Producer

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