Crysis 3's first Seven Wonders episode: grass, guns and gravelly voices

EA have posted the first episode of the Albert Hughes directed Seven Wonders of Crysis 3. The video series has some lofty aims, with its promotional page on the Crysis 3 website using terms like "emotional stories" and "intensely human", which is a particularly flowery way of describing what is basically a game trailer.

So intensely human.

Still, the CryEngine 3 powered jungle New York does look lovely, and the rusting mech sat between other derelict vehicles is a nice touch. It's also good to be shown some fairly open and free-form action being shown off, even if what's happening is very much what we've come to expect from a Crysis game. While the visual spectacle is great, surely what people really want to know is whether New York under the Liberty Dome is going to open up to a greater extent than in Crysis 2.

That said, there are six more episodes due between now and the game's release in February - plenty of chance for a glimpse at something beyond the expected gunplay and stealth take-downs.

Phil Savage

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