Crysis 2 dev on review scores: "you have to be 90 plus to make an impact"

Crysis 2

Crytek Executive Producer Nathan Camarillo has been speaking out about Crysis 2, predicting that its review score will "probably over 90%", adding that games in any genre need to score above 90 "to be recognised at all".

Speaking to CVG , Camarillo said that "I think you have to be 90 plus to make an impact in any genre now. The quality bar is so high and publishers and developers have put so much effort against high quality games. If you want to be recognised at all, regardless of genre, like anything you need to create the highest quality product possible and anything else is not going to get noticed."

Last summer EA Partners boss David DeMartini said that Crysis 2 is "going to be another 90 rated game from Crytek,". Speaking to CVG, Camarillo responded to his colleague's claim by saying "We're going to put out the best game that we can make and that's probably over a 90 rated so it's a fair statement to make."

We'll be the judge of that. What do you think, to games need to score above 90 to be recognised?

Tom Senior

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